Food + Water + Energy + Shelter + Sanitation

Welcome to our outdoor land lab where we grow local food, capture clean energy, store fresh water, manage green sanitation, and build creative shelters; and most importantly, teach others how to as well.

The Acorn Land Lab

The Acorn Land Lab is where we test all of the circular systems, sustainable tools, permaculture concepts, eco-tech products, urban agriculture methods, alternative energy systems and regenerative farming ideas shared within our online content and land lab SIM app.

Our mission is to see how well we can provide the 5 basic physiological needs every human has at a local, sustainable level: Healthy food 🥕, fresh water 💧, creative shelter 🏕, green sanitation 🪴, and clean energy 🌳.


In the Acorn Land Lab we raise organic produce, harness solar energy, collect rainwater, raise free-range chickens, compost local biomass, generate methane fuel, and so much more.  Our mission is to educate people about STEM concepts through provisioning the 5 basic physiological needs all people have:  Water, Food, Shelter, Energy and Sanitation.  By connecting more directly to our basic needs, we build valuable skills, learn to appreciate agriculture, build healthy independence, increase our community resilience, and provide the best possible hands-on outdoor classroom (a land lab) for our children.

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