Land Lab Simulator App

Beta testing and early access have launched!  Click here for access.

The 2023 Kickstarter ended in July, and was a big success!  Over $67,000 raised to help build this Land Lab SIM app.  You can still pre-order access to the app hereThe app V1 Beta will launch this October!

Land labs are incredible environments to learn about producing local water, food, energy, sanitation and shelter.  To build a land lab, you do need some land.  You also need the funds to start growing the garden.  Beyond land and funds for systems, you need to learn how all of these circular systems operate, what their limitations are, and how they can be most effectively run.  Click here to support our 2023 kickstarter to finish this app (ends July 7th, 2023).

Building an off-grid land lab can seem daunting, but we want to show people how they could build their own step-by-step!

Our land lab simulation app allows anyone to build a realistic simulation of a land lab environment in a virtual environment.  This can save you huge amounts of money and time by learning how land labs work in a virtual environment before building it in real life.

A land lab can evolve into a homestead, a school STEM garden, an eco airbnb, a micro farm, or any number of sustainable systems.  Our land lab simulator is a long-term project that will include many different features over time:

  • 2D Birds Eye View of Circular Systems
  • Input / Output Calculator of Raw Materials / Energy / Food / Water
  • Sensor Data Integration to show realtime updates in the land lab
  • Cost calculator to estimate costs of systems
  • Labor time calculator to estimate time to work systems
  • AI Powered Suggestions / Alerts to improve systems

The Land Lab Simulator App will launch a beta version Fall of 2023.  Every few week's our engineering team will roll out new updates to improve the simulations.

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2023 Land Lab Simulator Kickstarter

Click here to support our 2023 kickstarter to finish this app (ends July 7th, 2023).